If there is something that cannot be denied, it is that when the manufacturing company builds quality furniture, the Chesterfield model is one of the most beautiful that can be achieved within the furniture market. The techniques acquired and improved generation after generation, making this a unique object in terms of materials and assembly.

Chesterfield sofas are built in the true English style. In robust wood of dark colors, the leather of the best quality and gathered buttons that give the characteristic touch to this furniture, all the materials, together with the quality of the hands that assemble it. When it comes to making decisions about the furniture that will decorate each space of a home, it is very important to evaluate the quality. That's why the companies that specialize in the production and construction of this furniture know that the experience and the raw material assure them a success within the industry.

This is how we talk about the leathers, paintings, fillings, quilts, and armrests that arm a Chesterfield armchair with its entire splendor. Starting with leather, it is known that it is a naturally beautiful and luxurious product. Many companies agree that the best sofas, after a good wood, are created using shiny brown leather, capable of giving character to each corner of the furniture. The same applies to chairs, armchairs, and footrests made of this material.

Chesterfield furniture or, failing that, the factories that make them, use pure aniline to better pigment their skins, ensuring that the original color of each one is maintained. This creates a beautiful exhibition worthy of admiration in the different furniture carved by hand and assembled by experts in the upholstery. On a Chesterfield sofa, leathers of low-quality colors are avoided, although there are always dishonest distributors that alter the characteristics during the manufacturing process. However, recognized companies in the United Kingdom that work this style, are responsible for training their staff to explain the different uses of the skins in each piece they sell.

The same happens with the base of the sofa, the one that is hand-carved with the most beautiful finishes of that style. A considerable percentage of companies use furniture frames made with solid wood, which are sustainable. They also add the springs by hand, one by one, making sure they are truly ergonomic. The Chesterfield sofa factories, in general, have their independent wood producers. Generally, in the United Kingdom, the best raw material is obtained from the processors located in Manchester. The fullness of their woods is robust enough so that a sofa lasts for decades without being disturbed. Fillers, foam or fiber, are also a subject that concerns if it is Chesterfield sofas.

The English regulation establishes that only low-flammable quilts can be used, which respect sanitary laws and do not harm the natural course of production. In that sense, there are a variety of cushions available to meet the individual tastes of businesses, employees, and customers. The favorite for a Chesterfield sofa is the Duratech - a fiber made with recycled plastic bottles. However, foam and fiber are also used, rustic and firm foam, or, less