The Chesterfield sofa is an indisputable and emblematic symbol of the classic English style. Traditionally in leather, but also in its fabric versions, this unmistakable icon of quality upholstery is always in fashion. Born in the nineteenth century, the Chesterfield sofa was used to set the exclusive and elite London social clubs, where only male members were allowed entry. In the following decades, he went to the halls of the British high society houses and later became popular in an icon of British decoration and the classic English sofa par excellence.

Traditional methods are used to make this fine furniture and most Chesterfield sofas are made in the UK. Every effort is made to ensure that all furniture looks good today and retains its appearance for years to come. All furniture is finished by hand at the highest level. Each spring is manually inserted into the seats and backrests and operates independently of each other. This ensures that they maintain their shape. Only the best quality leathers are used in the manufacture of furniture. All ranges are exclusively covered in top grain leather. Real leather is a natural product. Breathe, it is warm and has individual characteristics that make each skin unique.

The leather will always carry the marks of natural origin and these characteristics can be shown as healed scars, growth marks, areas of different fiber density and structure of hair pores. These badges do not detract from the qualities of leather used. These are characteristics that the most demanding owners appreciate when they buy leather. With the passage of time and use, the skin develops a patina, which enhances its beauty. Each Chesterfield sofa that is produced is totally unique due to the leather that is used. Obtained from a local market leader and produced to the highest standards, the velvet range is a versatile choice for everything.

All frames are constructed with hardwood, English beech is used, which has been dried, milled and processed carefully to eliminate defects, which eliminates the risk of structural weakness. All corners and tension points are reinforced with corner blocks that are firmly glued in place. Safety is as important as comfort when it comes to upholstery and all the foams used in the furniture are combustion-resistant products that comply with the appropriate British fire safety standard.

The furniture will be supplied with fire safety labels. A mixture of foam and fiber is used to upholster the furniture, depending on the style of the sofa. All the fiber used for the cushions is of the highest quality that can be obtained. All foams have been subjected to stress resistance tests due to their uniformity of density, resistance to tearing and tension, loss of compaction, height and durability. Although there are still no standard British tests for fiber products, all fiberfill materials are tested for flammability, height, periodic recovery gains, weight and weight loss, which could lead to structural weakness during a period of time. time frame.