When you think of decorating the classic English style it immediately comes to mind on the Chesterfield sofa. With a timeless beauty, the versatility of its design allows infinite possibilities when decorating spaces. Made of birch, beech or mahogany to give it its robust and strong character, this sofa additionally provides a classic beauty that allows it to be the center of attention of the eyes, without needing anything else.

To know the origin of this classic of English upholstery we must go back to the eighteenth century, although there are several versions, all agree that the responsible for its creation is the 4th Earl of Chesterfield: Phillip DormerStanhope, man with great awareness of style, who looked for a "hard and robust" armchair that allowed to maintain an upright posture with the arms and backrest at the same height, in order that its personnel of service could shine impeccably their clothes or uniforms.

On his deathbed, the Count demanded that his trusted employee give a seat to Mr. Dayrolles, who was his godson. It is believed that his employee, tired of the hardness of the chair, took the demand of the Count to the letter and insisted that Mr. Dayrolles take it with him. Although it is unknown how the armchair was reproduced later, it is speculated that it was for commissions within its circle of influence, who were delighted by the beauty of the piece.

This classic work quickly became a symbol of social status, often used by the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie, however, in a short time, its popularity spread further, is common to find them in clubs and social halls. Its impact and success were such that it soon transcended the borders of the United Kingdom and reached the American market to position itself as an icon of decoration. At present it is common to find it in different environments: homes, hotels, salons, etc. its design allows it to be integrated into almost any type of decoration.

This classic, originally upholstered in leather, although you can find some versions in fabric, is distinguished by having a significant number of large buttons attached to the back to the back of the capitoné style, short and turned legs and a robust design that gives it the enviable durability that it characterizes it. Although at the beginning the Chesterfield was conceived thinking only of aesthetics, with the passage of time the comfort is added to it by quilting it in its totality which also offers its undeniable beauty, comfort for the users.

Thinking about the practicality, in the last years, the models of the sofa that unfold in the form of beds have become increasingly popular, very useful in limited spaces. This jewel of design has managed to reinvent itself over time, making use of different materials, colors, patterns and textures to adapt to different needs and spaces, without ever losing the original characteristics of traditional English design that have turned it into an icon, always maintaining a high-quality standard and accessible to different budgets. Its comfort, elegance, style, and versatility have turned it into a fundamental vintage piece of decoration.