Trends in the market have been a phenomenon that has transcended for centuries; this is undoubtedly an element in the world of design that determines the patterns and rules of fashion, to the point of marking the boom of any item or product. The trends can cover many scenarios, not only limited to the known cuts of hair, makeup, clothing, shoes or even customs, but also is present in decorations and interior design, something that very few knows , but that is a reality which has been in the market for many years.

As time passes, decorations and interior designs change from the most exotic to the most sophisticated styles. However, all that follows the trends know that fashion is constantly returning and what was once an old style, is once again booming. That is why in recent years has taken into account the decorations in the style of the contemporary age, where its main characteristic element was the Chesterfield sofa. This sofa model marked a whole century because it was an innovative design at that time, an article that only the most privileged could afford to have one at home. However, the Chesterfields were not rooted in the nineteenth century, but today has been an element that remains in trend and is considered a design that never left. Some people consider this piece of furniture an antique-looking item; however, it is rather a very versatile sofa. Chesterfields have a very distinctive design that undoubtedly sets it apart from the most up-to-date models, its arms, back, and legs are typical of the time, and although there are varieties of models on the market, its essence is always maintained

The Chesterfields have been considered one of the more versatile that exist, which can achieve multiple styles of decorations and this only complement and adapt to any color and combination. In general, the Chesterfields convey an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, but those who prefer exotic styles can do the same by adding the necessary gadgets without having to change the sofa. Usually, the Chesterfield sofas have their arms curved outwards forming a semi-circle , the back is high projecting a style like the chairs of the ancient kings, and the legs tend to have characteristic curvature of the bourgeois social classes, leaving between them and the sofa, a small space. This is the traditional model of the 19th century in the year 1870.

However, today, you can find varieties of designs, with more square models, without legs, with more curved arms or a moderately tall back, the Chesterfield colors of that century used to be the most characteristic of palaces, such as Red or red wine, royal blue, olive green or the classic brown. Today the colors are more varied, there are pink, blue, black, orange, khaki or gray, which has allowed many to play with the decorations. This type of sofa also has its variants in terms of upholstery, the most common is in leather, however, you can find fiber upholstery, suede, synthetic leather or fabric.