Whether you're going to decorate a specific space, remodel an area of the house or bought a new house and you're going to decorate it, the first thing you should choose is the style you're going to use in the decoration. If you like the vintage style, you should know some recommendations so that the decoration is spectacular. The modern sofa vintage style is the trend this 2019, with DIY decorations, warm environments and romantic spaces you will achieve a spectacular vintage style space. For example, he uses furniture that is classic, with neutral colors and rounded shapes, colors like pale pink, and predominantly white. Those that have incrustations in old gold are also very special.

Other accessories that complement the vintage decoration, are the old bird cages, suitcases that can serve as shelves or tables, antique clocks. Wildflowers are very nice if you put them in glass bottles or vases, which will give you that nostalgic touch of a golden age. Something you must take into consideration is that you should never recharge the space with vintage decoration, although it seems beautiful, if you recharge, you will create a space-heavy. The wallpaper is used a lot in this style, look for a motif that is vintage as the prints, pastel colors are used to achieve the style. Other details that can be incorporated into the decoration are very simple rustic details such as wooden boxes, candles, very old bulletin boards. If you have several boxes you can build a shelf with them, join them with screws and apply a patina and aging. You can decorate a wall with an old door; place on it several porcelain plates that have pastel colors, a new way to recycle a wooden door. In addition, it will be an economical decoration. Another idea that you can use in the decoration of your terrace, is wrought iron furniture, painted white, if you use wooden windows in the back of the furniture will look very chic.

Old trunks are widely used in this style, are functional for storage and decorate the space. They can serve as coffee tables in a room. You can decorate the floor lamps with a large bulb on the hood, or with a cloth bell and prints. As for the ceiling lamps you can use those that have crystal tears or those that are spider-like, they were very used in the Victorian era. You can play with the frames of the old mirrors and frames of the paintings. The old leather sofas give it a spectacular touch. You can use curtains with floral patterns, and combine them with the bells of the lamps. This style gives personality to space where it is applied. In antique stores, you can find furniture with fantastic stories. You can also get decorative objects that combine with the vintage style. The style can also be very romantic with the right objects, a simple bouquet of dried flowers in a vase; you can go back to past times. Versatility will always be present, an object or piece of furniture that had a specific use some time ago can now have another function, and for example, an old filing cabinet can be used as part of a sink. Combine the different objects and do not recharge the room, so you will have a cozy and very comfortable space.