When we talk about Vintage Furniture we think of the 40s or 50s, and the decoration of that time is so memorable. Nowadays, this type of decoration has a modern touch and can be found with elements that are avant-garde. The decoration on vintage furniture should look old, a bit worn. You can get rustic sofas, furniture upholstered with leather in a traditional way, with the vintage style, in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. It will be easy to find the right vintage-style sofa for your home. Many of the furniture made by hand with the highest quality in its finishes. The variety of sofas is so large that you can choose between sofas of 2 and 3 seats, with footrests, corner sofas, aviator sofas, other furniture such as leather chairs for the dining room with vintage style, stools and also vintage trunks. In the vintage style, specifically in furniture, you will find very basic features such as: •

The materials used are completely natural, upholstery and wood fabrics. • The texture is very important; you can achieve softness in the different furniture you use. • Do not be afraid if you see them with scratches, scratches, cracks or scratches, the furniture should look old, therefore, if those cracks are not natural, they are manufactured to give them the old touch. • An element found in this style is wood carving and forging in brass or bronze. • In most furniture, you will get drawers with carved handles, the arch of the sofa and legs in carved wood. In the dining room, you will get a large table and aged chairs with a high backrest. In the bedroom, the beds should be large with the carved back if it is made of wood or wrought in case of iron. The colors used in this style are always pastel colors and white is a classic. In the textiles of the upholstery, the prints of different designs are used. The cushions, chairs, armchairs or sofas, quilts, curtains, and carpets carry this style. Other materials very used in the elaboration of the vintage furniture are the forge, the wood, and the wicker.

Combined with the fabrics mentioned above, neither the walls escape this style, it is usual to use wall-paper with prints, but if you want to add modern touches to your vintage decor, you can use modern colors on the walls or wallpaper with more avant-garde motifs, in this way you can make the contrast between the modern and the old. The frames of mirrors and pictures are also characteristic of this style, they are full of details. As for the lamps, the classic ceiling lamps are those of glass tears, although they can be replaced by spider lamps to highlight the place. In table lamps, the lamps are styled with shapes that are rounded, they can be made of cloth, parchment or glass, and the base must be made of metal. The floor lamps are also very similar to the table lamps, but they can be used with an oval base and the hood can be a focus style. Other decorative elements that can be used with the vintage style should look old, for example, tableware. The 50s that is porcelain, a telephone of that time, wooden magazine rack, etc.