Chesterfield leather sofas are almost a heritage of the United Kingdom. They were part of its history, people around the world associate their designs with England and its monarchs, its formalities and that touch of time that seems never to have been detached from the European country. However, as a furniture item shares certain qualities that are worth sharing for the fans of these sofas or, simply, for those who are considering getting one.

Diversity Sofa models are, perhaps, the most famous worldwide have acquired over time. However, there is a selection of chairs, corner sofas, sofa beds, footrests, leathers and fabrics that are part of the inventory or backup of the companies that manufacture it, including The Chesterfield Company. With a similar current, leathers of the same quality and wood from the best trees in Europe, the furniture line is complete and, for lovers of this model, it is an acquisition that is worth getting. Leather At the moment furniture with other materials is made, adhering to some politically correct causes, like the protection of the animals and the deforestation.

However, the models handled by The Chesterfield Company are manufactured with tanning of skins made by professionals, a hand carving that does not alter, from any field, the quality of the furniture that is assembled. Most of the factories that build this type of furniture are based in the United Kingdom, and each of the models is subjected to the highest standards of quality in terms of raw materials, manufacturing, and distribution. Upholstery A characteristic tan is what causes a more elegant appearance to this furniture. The technique is not only perfect, but goes through several meticulous stages, ensuring not only pigmentation but durability and profitability. For the upholstery, the product is received with the hair follicles of the skin - either bovine or vaccine -, and bathed with chemicals that swell the foot with a thickness of approximately 8 millimeters.

Price A Chesterfield is not a cheap item, but neither is it exorbitantly expensive. It usually raises a few hundred dollars of what a common sofa could cost. However, considering the quality of the product and the dedication that there is in the manufacture, this is an intelligent acquisition, lasting and that, in many parts of the world, is considered "collector's item". Durability The wooden furniture is, for decorators and customers, the best that exists in the market. Duran, are resistant to weather conditions and withstand temperatures more than raw. The Chesterfield sofas were not, are nor will be the exception. Beyond the assembly process, it is the quality of the wood and the treatment of it that increases its quality, fineness, and finishes.

This, added to the skins and pigmentation, increase their purchasing value, and, with time, the sentimental one. Appearance This is a historical piece of the United Kingdom, but the appearance is what makes this furniture an English style without a doubt. It evokes furniture that is characteristic of the British monarchy. In fact, an earl was in charge of ordering the manufacture of this sofa. It is recognizable, it does not go unnoticed and it is an object that gives personality to any space in which it is installed. When combined with elements of the same stream, it is cozy without being too formal; and elegant without falling into false ostentation. For the British and the rest of the world, it is a whole English mob.