The United Kingdom is among the countries whose furniture company is characterized by traditional elegance, fused with the trends that the market has conceived and that remain for posterity. A long list of names, manufacturers, and distributors could be named; however, if you talk about a career in classic furniture, there is no better reference than The Chesterfield Company. Since 1951, in its factory in Manchester, this company assembles and distributes leather sofas and armchairs that have been acclaimed around the world for their quality and design.

The Chesterfield Company applauds the use of wood carved entirely by hand, but it is also worthy to admire its dedication and perseverance within the market. Currently, the exports of their furniture reach Japan and another pair of Asian countries. The Chesterfield Sofa, within the industry, has become an iconic item that sells with the same boom in physical stores and online. In both, there is a very extensive catalog of furniture and sofas to choose from and, as much as possible, always try to keep the stock up to date. The company distributes with time and effort the training of the personnel and administration, in order to guarantee that the furniture is produced in the most efficient way with regard to the skill, the technique, and the quality.

At The Chesterfield Company, new products are constantly being developed, paying special attention to innovation, design, convenience, and practicality. The best in patterns and methods of work are qualities that are constantly seeking to be improved, based on economic constraints and practical aspects. The commitment of this veteran in the furniture industry is especially oriented to use local suppliers whenever possible and limit the number of imported materials in the products they manufacture. Based on this, since its opening to date, they have always used hardwoods from European forests, paying attention to sustainability.

In that sense, The Chesterfield Company is among the list of companies that manage continuous recycling and a policy of zero tolerance environment. The materials that most strive to reuse are plastic, cardboard and, of course, its most important raw material: wood All the upholstery products of this company are manufactured in the United Kingdom and are not imported. Excessive transportation costs are avoided whenever possible with the active search for local supply, subject to practical and economic viability. Every piece of furniture, sofa, armchair, and other products of The Chesterfield Company are beautifully designed and using techniques that have been handed down generation after generation by factory workers, especially by classic upholsterers. The use of quality leather ensures that the finishing materials complement the elegance of each item. Another of the qualities that make The Chesterfield an iconic company, is its dealings with the public. In fact, the sofas have a great appreciative value because, since their construction, they are already forging an essence that pleases in all the senses to the person who acquires it. In a living room, a living room, library or office, Chesterfield chairs armchair space, providing personality, elegance, and English touch characteristic of their designs.