After the manufacturing materials and the assembly details, if there is something that people in the United Kingdom value, it is the design of the Chesterfield sofas. Perhaps it is their popularity, their iconography or the theory that they are so well designed, that they are an enduring style with time. Whatever the reason, this piece of furniture is considered a work of art.

These are the pieces that people want to buy. They are not furniture of a style that will never go out of style, nor will they be economically devalued. In short, and making a quick analogy, it's like buying a painting or sculpture with more functional features. There are customers who say that when they get a Chesterfield sofa they feel that they are acquiring a piece of the history of the United Kingdom either because they go back to their origins, in the eighteenth century, or because they evoke the monarchical roots of their country.

The reality is that, in the British countryside and in the rest of the world, the design of this piece of furniture is unforgettable. However; what makes a Chesterfield sofa a Chesterfield? Many may say that it is about the wood they use, their buttons or their originally hard seats softened little by little by the factories. Others may agree that it is the sum of all those elements, just as many, rightly, will say that it is the sum of all these elements. When it comes to sofas that are part of a style, the design must always relate to the essence that originally gave it personality. In the case of Chesterfield sofas, they can be recognized by all the elements that make it up.

A Chesterfield is not one without the sturdy wood that bases its base, the tan leather that covers its seats, the fibers and foams that fill the interior of the piece of furniture, the short legs and the armrests that vary according to the model. You cannot escape their buttons, embedded by hand on the backs of each of their copies. The rise and impact of these sofas are such that even the Oxford dictionary has a definition for Chesterfield.

According to this, it is "a sofa with padded arms and a backrest of the same height curved outward at the top". That is what the British and the rest of the world see when they meet a Chesterfield, and that is why their design is so intricate in their memory, considering it as a work of art. The entire back of the furniture is curved backward, and this can be seen in the armrests. Likewise, the back has intricate tufts that give it that royal look and, although the leather fabric is what attracts the most attention by its polished surface, there are several factories that are working with other fibers, especially when they are individual sofas, chairs, and footrests. Finally, what evokes people is also part of the essence of Chesterfield sofas. In general, when looking at one of these pieces of furniture, you can imagine a gentleman's room, a smoking room or, maybe, a library with shelves full of books.