Fashion trends always have relevant aspects when it comes to choosing what we like, whether it is clothing, shoes, cars, furniture, in short, what pleases us in general. In the home we always want to maintain cozy and pleasant spaces, that is why the decoration and the choice of a good style will allow us to recreate a balanced space, aesthetically as well as functional and comfortable.

The sofas are an important key to determine the complementarities of that space in the room we want to decorate. In this sense, the right choice of a sofa and the style you give it will highlight the details that you place inside your home. Of course, in terms of decoration and sofa, there are also trends that can be known through the internet, placing spaces for furniture and sofa sales as well as virtual magazines on decoration for the year 2019.

Styles and variety in this era have more room than ever; we could even say what is so eclectic that you can place different types of furniture in the same space and at the same time combine perfectly, unlike what used to happen in previous moments. However, you can always find some styles that give the guidelines in terms of trends and that are usually positioned as first to choose a sofa. Among the styles that are trends for this year 2019, we find for example the sofa that uses natural fabrics, these furnitures are very nice and functional since they can be combined with both bohemian and rustic styles.

They also have the characteristic of durability and comfort regardless of the time of year, most of the time it is presented in light colors or warm tones which can generate tranquility and harmony in the home. The materials to be used as part of a sofa can also be determined by fashion, in this sense we can find the use of velvet as one of the predominant materials during this year. Imagine velvet furniture even leads us to very luxurious spaces and of high society, but nowadays it can be combined with other styles and even place accessories such as cushions, rugs or curtains that allow you to give a unique style to the place where you place this sofa. Minimalism is a style that has been maintained year after year and of course, in 2019 it does not escape as part of the trends in interior decoration.

Defining the combination between the minimalist style and the contrast of the tones and colors to place furniture and walls, ceilings and floors is one of its main characteristics. The colors come to be an important trend to consider for the design of the spaces we want to decorate, going from cold tones to slightly warmer tones such as red, yellow, orange, shades of green and shades of blue but with a tendency towards green or yellow. The end can be concluded that this year is characterized by incorporating sofas in warm or tropical tones inside the home without saturating them, but leaving behind the cold and opaque tones that until recently were the trend.