Many people believe that buying sofas is something simple because it will only be enough to go to a store, see the available models and choose the most beautiful or the one that they like the most. But the truth is that it is a decision that goes beyond taste because the choice of the ideal sofa for each home requires the evaluation of a number of factors that will be explained below. To begin with, the first thing is to determine what size the sofa should be, this will completely depend on the space of the room or the place where you want to place it.

For this, it is necessary to take a meter and measure the lengths, including the distances that must be respected for the placement of other furniture or objects, as well as the places where the sofa will be moved, such as doors and corridors. By doing this, it will be possible to avoid buying a sofa that is too big and that later does not fit or make everything look very ornate. Another characteristic that must be taken into account before making a final decision is style. This is because the ideal thing is that the sofas combine with every aspect of the decoration of the room, otherwise there would be an inequality in the environment which will give the sensation of the disorder. An example of this would be a room that has a classic decoration with walls painted or upholstered with light colors, and buy a modern style sofa with purple upholstery.

The lack of coordination in styles and colors is evident and the visual impact is not pleasant. Also, it is essential to determine the true use that will be given to the sofa. In many homes, they only remain as a decoration object that is used very little, only when there are occasional visits. While other families, sofas are the focus of all activities. In this sense, it is on the sofa where the family meets to share and to talk at the end of the day, or where they sit to watch television, to rest while reading a bit, and often even to nap. From this, the structure of the sofa will be determined first, which must be firm and of strong materials, especially if the sofa will be used frequently. In the same way, it happens with the upholstery because if there are children and pets in the home, for example, it is necessary to choose a fabric that is resistant. Currently, there are genera that have properties to repel the dust and hair of animals, as well as ones that are cleaned only with water and are waterproof.

Finally, we should talk about comfort, as it will not do any good to buy a sofa that meets all the above requirements, but which is super uncomfortable to sit on. For this reason, it is recommended to test it and thus evaluate if the armrests are comfortable and are at the right height, the firmness and softness of the cushions, which should not sink too much when sitting; the knees should be angled, the feet should rest completely on the floor, among others. Once these characteristics are known, you can be sure that when buying the sofa for the home, or office, the appropriate decision will be made.