Ireland, from a cultural point of view, is one of the countries that conserve an important amount of traditions, rooted in society for centuries. From typical parties to decorative styles, the European nation is not focused solely on goblins, clubs, and whiskeys, its furniture designs can be as interesting as they are entertaining.

To elevate the work of medium and small industries, as in the United Kingdom, Dublin, the Irish capital, celebrates two of the most popular and influential furniture festivals not only in the country but throughout Europe. Such is their magnitude, that they have even compared their exhibitions in quality with those held in Milan, Berlin and, of course, London. In this sense, the Spring House & Garden Show welcomes more than three hundred and eighty exhibitors during the first days of March.

These, through their advertising stands, are responsible for offering, showing and describing what most impassioned to their companies in terms of furniture manufacturing. In Dublin comes spring and is celebrated in great with this fair that, in addition to encompassing the design of sofas, extends its itinerary including DIY techniques, furniture in general for homes and offices, consumer goods, proposals in interior design and, alluding to his name, gardening and outdoors.

For a whole weekend, the Royal Dublin Society is host to entrepreneurs who come from all over the country to show their talents and confirm that the furniture industry in Ireland can become as influential and important as in neighboring England. This fair has been held uninterrupted since 2008 and, at this point, is considered an event in the metropolis in which it takes place. However, and despite being the most important fair in the country, it is not the only one that congregates exhibitors during the year. The furniture business manages to stand out again mid-year with the Nothern Bank, which returns to concentrate a significant number of exhibitors.

Normally this fair takes place in the months of July and August. People, because it is a holiday season, visit these and other exhibitions in Dublin. From the simplest to those who manage to take the title of individuals, they host tourists, residents and, most importantly, potential investors. Although the fair that takes place during March is one of magnitude and impact, the latter is not discarded as a given opportunity to get clients. When a person is in search of objects to furnish their home, festivals and exhibitions serve as a source of inspiration.

That, precisely, happens in this case. On the other hand, the fact that the variety does not diminish in this fair is a reason to applaud it. Creativity is served at each gala and, since 2010, it is the second largest and most important furniture show in the country. Both, although they are characterized by totally different issues, have one thing in common: they show the talent of the Irish manufacturers, creating reputation among them and respect in the perspective of the buyers. Thanks to this, each year the ceremony is filled with additions that strengthen the quality of the festivals, getting greater support from the sponsors.