It is proven that sofas are the furniture element that is most commonly used inside a house, barely exceeded by the bed. Their people rest, frolic or spend time with their family, so making a good choice is the first step - and the most necessary - to fully enjoy it. While some buyers have a fairly defined concept of what they want, for others it becomes more difficult to make a decision.

This is perfectly normal, but should not be overwhelming. In that sense, some of the most frequent questions that customers have made before making any purchase have been compiled, to provide guidance to those who do not find the north in their choices. What is most important when buying a piece of furniture? Some will claim that comfort is a key factor in preferring one sofa over another. And, statistically, this is the condition that gives more points to favor a piece of furniture, so it is popularly considered as the primordial quality.

However, immediately after the comfort, what should be taken into account is the quality. For this, it is only necessary to review the materials that make up the sofa, how solid it is and, of course, the structure with which it is armed. Which tapestry is the most recommended? Given that the current style that will decorate the entire room is determined, making a good choice is crucial. In addition, according to the type of upholstery, the durability of a sofa is determined. From the aesthetic point of view, leather and linen will always be recommended materials, the first due to its elegance and sophistication and the second thanks to the decorative plurality that it admits.

However, leaving behind the aesthetic, the practicality of upholstery is another issue to pay attention to, especially if there are children and pets in the house. Sometimes it will be necessary to sacrifice more luxurious upholstery for an absorbent one, that absorbs perspiration with enough efficiency and that is, at the same time, hypoallergenic.

Are environmental options equally good? Of course, in fact, most furniture manufacturing companies are incorporating low-polluting products into their raw materials that are comfortable, resistant and just as durable as those that use more harmful agents. The stigma that a sofa built with alternative materials is one of low quality has been eradicated for a long time, especially considering the damage that industries have been doing to the environment since the very Industrial Revolution. How should the padding of the sofas and armrests be?

There is nothing worse than a rigid sofa, uncomfortable and impractical. Because of this, the filling of each seat is an object of interest - often - by those who are about to buy a piece of furniture. Regarding this issue, the pen will always be a good decision, but since lately it has been doubted about the politically correct that becomes its use, the silicone fiber has begun to monopolize fame among the manufacturers. Not only is it cheaper, but its polluting effect is minimal. For the armrests, for its part, high-density foam is recommended.