Under the upholstery, the filling and everything that pertains to the visual part of a sofa, there is a skeleton designed by experts and carried out by carpenters or specialists in joinery. It is, of course, the initial part of the project and a strong point to ensure the durability and lightness of it. In this sense, it is necessary to talk about the materials with which these structures are built and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each one of them.

This selection includes everything from the most basic raw material to the new trends linked to modernity. Wood: traditionalist in its purest form Most of the sofas that are displayed in a store are made of wood. History and industry have shown that it is a tough, economical and fairly light material for transport. The malleability of this material allows building different structures that, according to the upholstery and filling, end up becoming a piece of furniture with delight to the eye and of zero questionable comforts. It is also the protagonist of most of the currents of style, highlighting the English and rustic. However, the great problem that is linked to this material has no relation with the design, but rather with a question of conscience that, in a way, criticizes the felling of trees and the adverse effects that this has against the planet.

Fortunately, furniture manufacturers get alternatives to alleviate this problem. However, the impact is still tremendous. Iron: resistance to everything This material arms bases of virtually indestructible sofas. Therefore, there was no way to stop appearing on this list as another raw material for the construction of the sofa. Buy iron furniture is to guarantee durability. However, unless it is covered with good upholstery, the same cannot be said for comfort. Here the negative characteristics begin to stand out. Another adverse reason to buy a piece of furniture with an iron skeleton is that it is usually too heavy and difficult to transport. Perhaps for those who intend to leave the sofa in a static place, this is a minor complication, but it is proven that this piece of furniture is the one that changes position more frequently. Chrome: the reflection of modernity The armchairs tendencies of nowadays use much the chrome. This alloy is resistant, elegant and light, helping to build elegant, modern and stylish furniture. For sofa beds, this material abounds in quantity.

Therefore, it can be said that its practicality extends in good proportion. However, it's not all about hearts and flowers. Chromium is expensive. And sometimes the price that people end up paying does not compensate for their resistance. From an economic perspective, it is a bad investment that does not exceed or exceed the wood. However, this is not a limitation for continued use in interior decoration and sofa construction. About chrome, many experts recommend buying it in the form of coffee tables or chairs, instead of chairs. In short, it is clear that nothing can replace wood -or its alloys-. Even so, the fact that the industry takes the time to create solid structures, regardless of their materials, is what should be appreciated.