The iconic traditions of the United Kingdom are countless. To think of Great Britain is to talk about the monarchy, medieval castles, Big Ben and, of course, tea afternoons. Additionally, this nation is recognized worldwide for some pieces of design and decoration that have become a world landmark, as with Chesterfield chairs and armchairs. The origin of the Chesterfield armchairs, opulent court and marked elegance (very worthy of the English style), dates back to the nineteenth century, according to the story, the Earl of Chesterfield.

Philip Dormer Stanhope, was unhappy with the position his employees adopted while they were sitting; for which reason it was proposed to create a piece of furniture of marked beauty that forced to maintain a correct posture and thus avoid that the uniforms of its majordomos were wrinkled. It is said that the aristocrat resorted to a renowned local cabinetmaker to make a piece of furniture, robust, with asymmetrical backrest and armrest (at the same height) that allowed maintaining a straight position. With the passing of time, and after the death of Philip Dormer Stanhope, Chesterfield Sofa armchairs, or "Chester" as they are also known throughout the United Kingdom of Great Britain, began to be used in the most exclusive social clubs in London and their surroundings.

Distinguished gentlemen, dressed in fine suits and top hats, spent their afternoons sitting on a Chesterfield, wielding a long cigarette and debating the topics of interest. Next, and as expected, the ladies of the high society began to demand the Chesterfield armchairs for the decoration of their castles and houses. It was no longer only for the exclusive use of gentlemen's clubs, but even the Queen of England sat on a "Chester." In this way, fans of Chesterfield began to multiply within and outside the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

The "Chester" appeared in homes, hotels and social gathering places all over the world. His success was already unstoppable. It was well received in such remote places as the United States, Brazil or Japan. Another curious aspect is that the Chesterfield armchair model -as it has been the case with other design icons- has remained almost complete, despite the passing of time, the swings of fashions and other trends. More than 200 years have passed since its creation and there are few variants that the original piece has suffered. In fact, the experts refer to the Chesterfield armchairs as timeless furniture, which never go out of style and, even today are very much in vogue with the arrival of the vintage trend that praises and recalls the past. At present, Chesterfield armchairs can be made in different materials. Not only is leather used as originally conceived by the Earl of Chesterfield, but some manufacturers have chosen to use fabrics of different textures and colors to adapt to the tastes of the hundreds of consumers who daily demand one of this furniture for their homes, offices or businesses. What was conceived for servitude, term to become an emblem of British culture, as English and distinctive as Queen Elizabeth II, drive on the right or get on a double-decker bus.