This sofa is one of the few that has a name, it is because it is a true jewel of craftsmanship, design, and elegance. It is true that to acquire a real Chesterfield, a significant economic investment is needed, but the lucky one who makes it will have in its house upholstery technique, design history and a sofa for life. It was in the 19th century when British tapestry began to fasten the stuffing of the sofa to the frame of the chair using a deep buttoning, that particular technique of craftsmanship is what we know today as a Chesterfield.

Soon, during the second half of the nineteenth century, Britain was flooded with this type of sofas, making the Chesterfield Sofa design was an emblem of British elegance and style. In order to build a real Chester, 150 meters of thread, 60 biconical springs, 14 kilos of beech, 70 nails covered in leather, 15 kilos of horsehair, 18 meters of jute belts and 10 square meters of leather are required.

The interior construction of the Sofa and careful sewing of the buttoning is essential to get a travel companion for a lifetime. However, the key to elegance and the stately character enjoyed by Chesterfield sofas lies in the quality of the leather they use. By a lot of buttons, by a lot of wooden frameworks that there is or by a lot of thread, a Chester without a good skin is not a Chester.

Usually, each skin undergoes more than twenty phases of tanning with the aim of obtaining a pure natural leather with relief, elegant, resistant and durable. Those who enjoy an authentic leather Chester say they are sofas both warm and cozy in winter, and practical and cool in summer. Today there are multiple sites on the internet that offer these sofas in classic style, as well as variety in prices, colors, and designs, all available to meet the different needs and tastes of each person when it comes to decoration.

Next, we want to present you the variety of prices that you can find in different web pages so that you can have an estimate that fits the budget that you have at your disposal to acquire this elegant piece of furniture. Because it is a classic furniture representative of past times, there are high prices on the best materials at your disposal, if you were looking for something of this nature, prices can reach € 7500 depending on the material used to make the sofa. In addition, although it can count on high prices, it also has offered at different times of the year.

There are also online catalogs that offer you the best prices and models of these classic and sophisticated furniture; in addition, you can select the color, fabric, and design of your preference. Prices range from an incredible price of € 150 to € 999. In different web pages You can also find variety in prices, colors, designs and fabrics, so you will have the possibility to expand your options when choosing the Chesterfield sofa of your choice, prices vary between € 300 and € 2,500, depending on the model. This is just a hint of everything you can find in a variety of prices Chesterfield sofas online, here we put some suggestions to help you find the dream furniture you're looking for, making your search easier, a universe of possibilities awaits for you. .