The city of London is one of the most popular in Europe, so much so that there is a style of decoration with an English theme. It is ideal for those who love classicism, ornamentation and the romantic. In this way, the Chesterfield London sofa has become not only a basic feature of this style of decoration; it is also a true emblem of that city. In this sense, the following article will describe the main features of English decoration, as well as the fundamental elements that represent it, which obviously includes the Chester sofa protagonist.


The first thing to know is that Chesterfield really is an English county that is located in the southern part of Sheffield. This place was the home of countless dukes and counts. One of them was the count Philip Dormer Stanhope, who wanted his employees and guests to have an immaculate appearance constantly, asked a trusted cabinetmaker to create an innovative piece of furniture, which would allow people to sit erect and at the same time, do not tarnish the clothes.

In this way the carpenter gave free rein to his creativity, and not only complied with the order of the count, but coupled with that created a piece of elegant and unique decoration, which soon began to be used in the exclusive gentlemen's clubs in London, and in the halls of the homes of wealthy families. Without taking much time, it spread until it became what it is today.

Characteristics of the English style

In the style of English decoration, elegance and sobriety stand out in the first instance, so materials, objects, and colors that convey this sensation must be used. For this reason, the element that is used more regularly is natural, such as wood, especially mahogany, and leather. These are basic and essential in this type of decoration.

Likewise, the objects that will be responsible for providing almost all the distinction of the room, the armchairs and sofas cannot be left aside. The Chesterfield London sofa is characterized by an elegant appearance, with many curved shapes, especially in the backrest and arms.

Also, the upholstery capitoné in leather and studs distributed in geometric form so typical of this, usually gray or brown colors are preferred in clear ranges. While other textile elements that are very important are the curtains and cushions that decorate the Chesterfield London sofa. For them, it is preferable that they are made of cotton or velvet so that they are a contrast of softness in comparison with the rustic appearance of leather.

On the other hand, the accessories that are used should preferably evoke antiquity and the classic style of the English lifestyle, so they opt for candelabras, globes, terracotta, small sculptures, and paintings with traditional wooden frames, among others. This is complemented with tapestries and pastel colored walls. Finally, all this will be highlighted through lighting, which is the key in this style. This should not be very strong or direct, but rather should be reflected from small indirect points, so it is common to place spiders, table lamps or small chandeliers.