The Chesterfield Leicester sofa is highly valued worldwide in the decoration sector. The reason is that they are classic furniture, luxurious and with a lot of personalities and, regardless of the time that has elapsed since the initial model was created, it has not lost its position as the most popular furniture, but rather has gained much boom in the present, where not only the most traditional designs are used, but also very modern models can be found, with different textures and fashionable colors. However, many people leave aside the process that gives the most value to these pieces and why they are considered unique and invaluable. In view of this, the following article will be dedicated to uncovering the secret and with details, of the elaboration of Chesterfield sofas.

Preparation of the Chesterfield sofa

The Chesterfield Leicester sofa requires a handmade manufacturing method from start to finish because it is handmade by highly qualified professionals. In this way, the fabric with which it will be upholstered is chosen to begin with. The original genre used is premium leather; which is tanned and treated in advance to provide such a long lifespan that it is capable of resisting even more than a hundred years. However, at present, the Chester sofa has gone through renovation processes and positively accepts the application of other newer textiles, such as cotton, velvet, and silk, among others.

What follows after that, is to form the skeleton of the sofa, which is made of wood. The parts are cut by hand one by one and in the same way, they are stuck together. To do this, springs are used that are located on the back and seat, so they act as tensioners and also take care of the weight of individuals who fit in the furniture. On the other hand, you cannot fail to mention that the Chester sofa is characterized by having the backrest and arms at the same height.

Once the structure is ready, it continues with the upholstery, which will be made with the selected fabric. In this way, the leather or cloth is fixed in a very cautious way, adding the padding in the area of ​​the backrest and the arms, to make them padded. The tacks are then applied to achieve the capitoné upholstery, which consists of a geometric design that only goes on the backrest and arms of the furniture.

It is the same that makes the Chesterfield Leicester sofa stand out among the other furniture, which makes it so peculiar. Finally, cushions are made that will be the seat of the people; these are covered with the same gender of the rest of the piece and must fit exactly in the furniture so that everything is unified in a single piece.

To finish this article, it is important to remember that this furniture was made for the first time many centuries ago by a cabinetmaker at the request of Count Stanhope. So its development is full of a lot of history that has become the tradition of families’ years after years, who have not modified it, but rather have perfected it.