The high demand that Chesterfield has is due to the quality of its entire range of furniture at the best price. As is known, the best price is not always the lowest, but it is more reasonable for the buyer that reflects the fair value or covers his expectations or needs. These forces the company and its associated distributors to obtain optimal levels of inventory, which are on the threshold of the minimum and maximum levels of inventory as an organization cannot afford to satisfy the needs of its customers because it does not have inventory nor excess of inventory that generate high storage costs.

The Chesterfield Company knows that the best furniture must have a reasonable price and that depends on the excellence of its processes and stricter quality controls, which are decisive to produce the most beautiful and exquisite collection of leather sofas, fabrics and sofa beds available in the showrooms. The market dynamics leads to a permanent price update due to the increase in raw material costs. For these reasons Chesterfield, aware of the importance of the customer, has established a policy to protect its customers from the economic fluctuations that affect prices called Price Promise. The price promise is a guarantee that rewards customer loyalty and that if the customer finds a cheaper equivalent sofa elsewhere, Chesterfield Company promises to match that price.

Chesterfield Company has the strictest standards to comply with this guarantee to the client, so it is necessary that the furniture that the client wants to buy meets minimum conditions, such as that the sofa is equivalent to a model available on the website; it is produced and comes from a UK retailer. This company has existed for more than 50 decades in giving the best guarantee to its customers, so it has the most extensive and assorted inventory of spare parts, from different lines Chesterfield as the interior of the cushions and feet, wooden frames solid with guarantees of 5 years.

On the website is the largest online store Chesterfield available in showrooms and warehouses. The most visited section of this website is the liquidation of stocks where you can constantly find great promotions with incredible discounts for up to half the price to purchase different lines of furniture. All Chesterfield sofas in liquidation have unparalleled durability and resistance. Chesterfield is reinventing itself to meet the demands of the globalized world of the furniture industry, preparing flexible furniture lines for customers who have itinerant lives due to constant changes due to high rental costs or travel for work. These practical lines are adapted to the requirements of customers without sacrificing quality, durability, and resistance. In this way, we no longer only have sofa beds, but beds that have the versatility of becoming dining rooms and closets of clothes.

The Chesterfield emporium works tirelessly in the preservation of the environment, using good ecological practices, to reduce the environmental impact, promoting tree planting initiatives and the use of noble materials in manufacturing, such as foam for seats made 100% based on latex and soybeans.