The genesis of the original model of this masterpiece of English comfort begins with a manufacturing process entirely handmade by highly qualified teachers, who have perfected their art through the knowledge inherited over hundreds of years of work, to fulfill rigorously with three (3) key phases:

  1. Careful selection of fine treated and tanned skins to achieve maximum durability.
  2. Oak wood construction of the sofa structure and placement of springs that will support the backrest and seat. The good resistance of this element has allowed giving the leather longevity that can exceed several centuries.
  3. Upholstery: In this stage the leather is fixed meticulously to the wood of the piece of furniture, to place the characteristic buttons to the fodder and then proceed to the elaboration and fodder of the cushions of the sofa that will be placed in the piece.

Whether leather or fabric, the different shades add touches that challenge Chesterfield's avant-garde and traditional roots, making them look wonderful in any setting, with attractive colors such as blue, red, red, yellow and orange.

The Chesterfield craftsmanship is designed with a passion because they are furniture that will make life in one of the most important places of the human being as it is the home; hence it is something more than a decorative object to become a commitment of quality, durability, and longevity. The artisans of Chesterfield are true masters of art inspired by some of the best historical legacies in the world. This presents great challenges to maintain the hegemony that Chesterfield continues to have in the furniture industry, which goes from the careful selection of raw materials in terms of leather, fabrics, wood, plastic foams, springs process that is carried out with attachment to the more stringent controls and quality standards. Therefore, who invests in a Chesterfield sofa invests in a lasting jewel in time.

Chesterfield sofas impact only with seeing them so great care is taken in the selection of making sure it is of the highest quality, and then begins the design of the ornaments and tournament of the legs or placement of the wheels. Sometimes longer legs could be made according to the model that is manufactured.

The Chesterfield models are so unique, exclusive and unique that they stand out above the rest of the sofas in the market due to their characteristic and elegant arms and backrests. In terms of size, there are different types to satisfy all tastes of customers

The yellow ocher is one of the favorite colors of the clients and this one is followed by fuchsia, orange, purple among other tones that it offers.

With the famous Capitoné upholstery technique, the buttons and rivets are placed on both the seats and the backrest to cover the frame.

These Chesterfield hand-crafted finishes can create true contemporary works of art in varying modalities that include colors such as light gray, light yellow, salmon, teal as well as soft neutral colors and pastels. The Chesterfield will always be the protagonist of day and night both at home and in the office for its unparalleled superior level, exclusive, beautiful, exceptional, lively, cheerful, relaxing and conservative.