If you came this far it is because you are seriously thinking of buying a new sofa for your home or office. We know that - although it may not seem like it - it is not a simple decision. Current trends point towards vintage designs. The retro touch, which generates nostalgia and naivety, is fashionable, so you should consider a Chesterfield model, which is probably the most popular design of all domestic chairs. The Chesterfields, or "Chester", have their origins in Great Britain 200 years ago.

He went from the house of a local aristocrat, to decorate the most refined London clubs, to later be a decorative element in the most opulent dwellings of the reign and finally to emigrate around the world leaving behind his noble origins. His model remains in force today (in fact it has never gone out of fashion) and is usual to see them in libraries, hotels, medical offices, film, and television scenes, as well as in the home of renowned artists, politicians and any Person with refined and elegant taste. The essential characteristics of a Chesterfield sofa are a backrest and armrest straight and at the same height. It has short legs made of turned wood and the arms, padded, have a volute shape (something similar to a spiral or snail).

As for the material of its coating, originally used leathers of dark colors (brown, black, garnet or green), under the technique of the capitoné, which is a form of upholstery used by cabinet makers and saddlers to line the furniture in a cushioned way and using recipes. With the passage of time, and the appearance of new materials, it is easy to get Chesterfield sofas with synthetic leather coverings, worn look, vinyl and in almost any color you can imagine. At the moment the textiles similar to the velvet or suede are very in vogue for the decoration of interiors. Not only do they create a pleasant sensation to the touch, but, unlike leather and synthetic materials, they maintain a cool temperature, even in the days of fatiguing summer when temperatures reach 40 degrees centigrade in the shade.

The appearance of alternatives to leather has meant a positive aspect in terms of the marketing of Chesterfield sofas. When cheaper materials were used, the cost of the chairs decreased considerably; although the oldest can become collector's items highly valued among fans of the "Chester." In fact, in 2009, a Chesterfield sofa that was in the personal office of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, during his second term, from 1951 to 1955, was auctioned, in England, for a value of 9,000 pounds or $ 14,825.

The presence of a Chesterfield sofa generates an atmosphere of sobriety and opulence, which is why it is appropriate to balance the space with other pieces that counteract rigidity and give a sense of simplicity without ever losing elegance. Lamps, paintings or ceramic pieces can be used around a "Chester" to create a cozy atmosphere. Likewise, to use light tones on the walls to achieve a feeling of spaciousness and grandeur worthy of this colossus of decoration that has remained fashionable for two centuries without losing even a hint of the glamor with which it was conceived