As a step in the development of a Chesterfield we find the upholstery of the cushions of the sofa, which are lined with the same skin with which the furniture has been covered, and then placed on the piece. Everything is measured to fit perfectly.

Additionally, colored cushions can be included because it is more an aesthetic and personal question than material if we decide to incorporate cushions to the decoration of our armchair or sofa, for space and harmony on the sofa we can always place more cushions than in the armchair. One of the most common cushion fillings is Chesterfield Sofa foam that allows for wide use for maximum comfort. The filling on the frame should be a combination of different foam densities, which provide a soft external feel while ensuring that the frame will never be detectable when sitting.

The composite foam padding should be fixed in place in the frame by hand to keep it as safe as possible. The use of other fillings such as feathers and polyester fibers should be considered, with a volume more than enough for the sitting experience to be pleasant. Feathers and fibers are often used together or with foam to create high-quality hybrid cushioning. The seat cushion is composed of a polyurethane foam core, an upper layer composed of 50% polyester fibers and 50% duck feathers. While the backrest cushion is composed of 50% polyester fibers and 50% duck feathers.

Paying a very low price for a Chesterfield means that it could be an imitation with used materials of dubious quality. The foam used for the filling is typical of sufficient minimum density to provide an initially acceptable feel. However, over time it will be possible to begin to feel the frame through the foam padding fillings, which makes it a very uncomfortable piece of furniture. In addition to using less cushioning, the filling is generally of inferior quality. Using foams as an example, the cheapest materials on the market will lose their ability to return to their original shape more quickly than high-end foams.

This also plays an important role in the loss of comfort in a cheap Chesterfield sofa. The leather cushions that can be perfectly combined with a Chesterfield sofa are its versatility and comfort. The leather cushions are ideal for the Chesterfield sofa or for the bed, depending on its size, shape, and color it has to be placed in the most convenient place. If you have a velvet Chesterfield they could be used or leather or fabric cushions that stand out. The nobility of leather cushions cannot be overlooked in terms of their longevity and easy cleaning. A Blackburn can be perfectly integrated with a modern style with cushions of colored fabrics and perfectly combine a vintage image. If tones of clear walls are combined properly, more light can be obtained for space, as well as a greater amplitude effect. These colors with which we can combine Blackburn and contrast with cream, ochres, yellows, and greens.