In the United Kingdom, there are shops with a wide variety of Chesterfield sofas and matching armchairs to choose from, made with the finest genuine leather leathers and fabrics throughout the upholstery.In this regard, it is useful to establish the difference between a sofa and an armchair. The main difference is in the number of seats because while the armchair is one seat, the sofa has two seats and three seats on.

On the other hand, another key difference has to do with the position we adopt in one and the other. The armchair is designed to sit comfortably upright can stretch your legs, while the sofa is designed to adopt positions according to our preferences, such as sitting on the side or lying down if we wish.Nothing better for stress like relaxing and precisely the Chesterfield sofa has been created to provide the desired comfort for a pleasant rest at home or in the office. This wonderful sofa, besides being soft, is ergonomic, as it was designed for people who prefer a high backrest area that allows the spine to rest.

This backrest is made of special plastic foam that keeps the person's waist in a better excellent posture. The seats are made of two types of highly elastic plastic foam, placed in a natural wood frame with zigzag springs for comfort.

The Chesterfield sofa has been launched in 2 models of 2 seats and three seats. The Chester Triple Square Sofa has established itself as one of the noblest and extraordinary members of the Chester family. The Chester sofa offers a blue alternative and rich fabrics, ideal for those who do not want to sacrifice the appearance of their living space. The high level of comfort, the elegant design of the wooden feet and the special feature of the transformation of the sofa bed is a new and incomparable Chester design.

One of the most famous and basic styles of the Chesterfield sofas is the straight sofa with the crest top. As its name implies, it is basically linked to the back contour of the Chesterfield sofa. Chesterfield sofas with straight backs look more traditional in terms of appearance, although those with crested backs can give better lateral support.

The Chesterfield sofa is a high or low leg sofa according to the buyer's preference. This is related to the posture and puts emphasis on providing the comfort of the people who will use it so they can enjoy while they relax in it. Usually, these days, many Chesterfield sofas have a slim running gear along with tall legs on smooth wooden legs. This gives an exclusive appearance to the sofa, as well as distinction.