The traditional Blackburn line is the reflection of class and good taste that adds style to any home for a majestic appearance. There is no better place to get up and relax in luxury after a hard day's work than in a comfortable Blackburn sofa. The Blackburn sofa is perfect not only to enhance the interior of the home with an added personal stamp but to inspire creative ideas in some luxurious bars. The Blackburn is perhaps the most popular units, such as corner sofas due to their contemporary style and versatility, thanks to which manufacturers can produce furniture of any style.These furnishings are spectacular to match Chesterfield Club and Queen Anne chairs in a variety of colors, so you can choose from these surprisingly different but impressive chairs to complement your Chesterfield sofa.

The Blackburn is the buttoned or cushioned sofa that aims to give more comfort with the cushion filled and, often, is also buttoned or has a padded base for the same reason.

Two-seater sofas filled with polyurethane foam of different density, covered with polyester wadding. It has the original capitoné lining, both in the backrest and arms. To make transport easier, they have two industrial front wheels.

The Chesterfield Blackburn has released colors with emerald green and burnt orange, as well as the Pantone color with a touch of intense pink that reflects the personality of some ladies.

An element that should not be missing is a carpet that will preserve the range of colors adapting perfectly to the entire contour.

However, Blackburn is faithful to various environments if you want to bet on walls with stronger colors such as blue, green and even fuchsia combined with a roof and lighter with good lighting

This touch of strong colors if properly combined with pictures, as well as beautiful flowers and plants will create an atmosphere of refinement and good taste.

The leather of the Blackburn undergoes a technique called tanning of skins, to create a unique piece, natural and durable. The leather upholstery is made through a specialized tanning process with chemicals that contain chromium, a process that has replaced the traditional tan with vegetable extracts and urine. Finally, it is dried to create the finished product. The lower layer is used to make something called split leather, which you can read later in this guide.

Before it can be upholstered, the skin undergoes a rigorous inspection. It is also worth noting that tanning only produces a standard leather quality; it is the finishing methods applied after tanning that determine the quality and the price.

The pigmentation process of the skin seeks to give greater durability, much greater resistance to dirt, scratching and fading. Thanks to modern and flexible finishing methods, pigmented leather can be stamped, printed or rendered seamless for a variety of styles and textures with a less natural appearance.

This extraordinary and delicate process, definitely makes the Blackburn the king of the classics, with fine finishes, its eclectic virtue, which makes it the most bohemian furniture for all kinds of decorations.