A classic of the English style is the old Chesterfield sofa, owes its name to the 4th Earl of Chesterfield (Phillip Dormer Stanhope 1694 - 1773); being a sofa that never went out of fashion, with the peculiarity with which it was created and under the demands of the count towards a cabinetmaker of the time, requesting that the furniture was hard and robust, with arms and backs at the same height, forced to sit with a straight back, but it was not this count who unveiled this style of furniture that turned out to be an art with the passage of time being initially in brown leather with large buttons that give part of its particular characteristics.

It is thought that the production of such furniture was increased thanks to the circle of friends of Mr. Davrolles, who at the time was a diplomat who made a visit to the count on his deathbed and received one of this furniture as a gift. Upon arriving home he realized that he had a work of art, for its fine finish, for the subtlety of its wood details and its unusual conditions for the time, becoming very attractive for those who visited his home.

Such was the demand for such furniture, which was adopted by the aristocratic class and then the bourgeoisie of the time, making its demand greater in the famous male clubs of the Londoners and later in all England, and to demonstrate status and class could not miss a Chesterfield armchair in the offices of lawyers, diplomats or any aristocrat of the time, but with the passage of time happened to be an armchair to be a sofa and successively was in growth and left the Lides of the Europeans to American lands, suffering some transformations, but it has never ceased to have its characteristic touch with hand-crafted buttons, short and turned legs, turning this style of furniture into a jewel or work of art design. Despite the fact that more than two centuries have passed since its creation, Count Chesterfield never thought that he would have left a legacy with his chair and that today it remains the old Chesterfield sofa, but adapted to different changes in modernity , without losing the classic touch that characterizes it and highlighting who has a piece of furniture of this style as someone of good taste and classic.

The old Chesterfield sofas has already become a style or fashion adopted by many designers, standing out even in interior decorators who combine modernism with classic and make use of this style of furniture, creating that vintage atmosphere of a unique English style , that never went out of fashion and behaving like good wines that can not be classified as old because they have improved or revalued with the passage of time.