The combination of Chesterfield sofa and footrest gives elegance when you imagine someone resting in the living room smoking a rich cigar brings back memories of that grandfather who rests in movies and converses with his relatives. That touch of finesse is felt with the Chesterfield sofa and footrest, which continues to lose its original characteristics, despite having spent 200 years since its inception, but which has been reinvented between colors and different types of fabrics.

The peculiarity of a Chesterfield footrest is to see that combination with the sofa and bring that upholstered capitoné that gives it that unique identity. It is always a unique detail to visualize a sofa, an armchair, but that perfect combination with a footrest conveys that atmosphere of rest, peace and tranquility so expected for those who use both. As a child, it was common to see in the grandparents' houses in the room or in the library that Chesterfield sofa combined with that small furniture full of buttons and in geometric order and one asked in some occasions what was their function and they answered that they do not touch that's from the grandfather, until finally it was possible to know what it was for when grandpa was seen sitting on the sofa with his feet on the footrest, reading a good book, or sitting in the living room watching television, or sometimes with that glass in one hand and in the other a cigarette, in an atmosphere of tranquility that nobody wants to interrupt.

When you see that Chesterfield furniture with the footrest in a space of the house, the imagination transports that pope or grandfather with their small children or grandchildren sitting on their legs listening to the stories and stories of youth or the parents told by the grandparents. The modernity of today gives an immense variety of sofa and footrest combined in colors, allowing that furniture to be located in the best space of the house for rest, previously seen in dark colors, such as brown or beige bringing that air of rest in houses with colonial decoration, but the change has been so great that the different colors of leather or fabrics have allowed permeating in all styles and tastes, always maintaining its characteristics and quality Chesterfield that give that feeling of elegance, but above all transmitting that desire He takes his shoes off and sits down to rest on that rich sofa with his feet moved to that footrest, which at the least carelessness makes them enter Morfeo's arms. The most important of all is that quality is purchased and Chesterfield furniture has been characterized by its durability and quality; also have a Chesterfield in any space is completely transform it as it grants personality, never goes unnoticed, transmits that air of glamor for its aristocratic past, today is the same robust structure but with different fabrics and colors, before it was visualized as a masculine pear piece already with the new colors of soft upholstery fits with the females.