The Chesterfield sofa, definitely, is here to stay, has resisted all the challenges that have been presented over two centuries, this is more than enough proof, to affirm that, in spite of all the changes that have arisen as soon as To the forms, designs, models, and colors, this piece of furniture continues to be one of the most important and requested in the world. With the entry of the 70s, many changes came; new proposals and forms became the key that marked this season. The tables with asymmetrical designs, the furniture with strange structures, marked this decade, which had been undergoing modifications for some time.

The size of the furniture was extended, by then, and began to manufacture sofas with more than two seats, reaching those who have five seats. Even the proposal went further, introducing modular models, which are so practical because they help to adapt to the environments and to accommodate many people at the same time. The trend of the 70s was to make models with new proposals, as upholstered in brightly colored fabrics, prints a little laden with flowers and psychedelic drawings, began to use plastic, Formica, and other materials, which gave that colorful and cheerful appearance to the environment.

Gone were the unicoloured , simple and unadorned models, at this stage, all kinds of bizarre accessories were in fashion and they excel in decoration. However, the Chesterfield sofa remained intact, perhaps with a few modifications that affected his personality. This piece of furniture has always been kept with the original design and has not changed the meaning that the Count of Chester wanted to give at the end of the 18th century, since they tried to modernize their lines, but maintaining the structure. To adapt better to the transformations that these years brought, the design of the sofa was softened by upholstering it with fabrics in very striking colors, which were not traditional for this style. The red, orange, blue and white tones were included in the new versions and caused a lot of impacts , as they achieved the desired effect. The forms of the back and the arms are thinned and modified, to be in line with the new trends, but the detail of the buttoned upholstery has always remained as the footprint that identifies this model.

This business card has served him, over the years, to be qualified as an elegant and classy piece of furniture. In some models from the 70s, details were included in the carved wood on the edge of the back and on the base of the piece of furniture. These details added more seriousness to the set, because the dark wood with carved shapes, gave a more classic touch, but when upholstered with fabrics in light colors and prints gave the necessary balance to adapt to these modern times. The change in the shape of the legs was decisive to fit in the decoration. After coming from a model with wide and short legs, they were modified by lengthening them and placing thinner legs, but with equal resistance. In other models, the use of wheels on the legs was implemented, with the purpose of transferring it to any place with ease.