It is well known to all, that the style of the Chesterfield sofas is unmistakable and has remained throughout the years, without presenting many changes. Its buttoned design makes it very characteristic and represents the seal of this piece of furniture from its origins, dating back to the 19th century, when the Earl of Chester gave the order to manufacture a rigid and strong armchair to keep the person with a good position. This is the reason why this type of furniture has no arms and the model is all run, joining the back to the part where the arms rest, in one piece. In addition, the slightly protruding form of the upper edge of the sofa gives an air of comfort and elegance, which invites you to enjoy this piece of furniture.

Although its shape has not changed significantly, over the years, there are several changes that have suffered, especially from the 50s onwards. With the arrival of innovation in fashion and the introduction of infinity of colors and different forms, this decade marked the change for many important aspects in classical decoration. However, the Chesterfield sofa remained stable, in terms of its external appearance arriving at several in lighter and more daring colors, than those already used. It introduces the orange, red, green and other tones, which go with the trend of renewal of the time.

The legs that support the structure, changed from being quite thick pieces to be a little thinner, while still being strong, taking into account the weight of the structure they have to support. Also, the thickness of the piece was softened and it was no longer designed in the classic way, giving it a touch of modernity and making it more versatile and friendly with the environment. In this time, the luminosity of the space was a determining aspect to decorate the salons. Lamps were integrated and the heavy and dark curtains were removed, to give way to the large windows that let in natural light. This detail, together with the new colors and avant-garde shapes, were the perfect combination to give a different style to Chesterfield sofas. Coffee tables and furniture were added polished or matt, with thin and long legs. The decoration was simple but very characteristic and colorful, which marked the course of those years. This has been a piece of furniture that has stood the test of time with great elegance and without losing its essence. It has always been the center of decoration in all rooms and at all times, characterized by giving sobriety and distinction to any environment, regardless of the year in which it is located.

Its indisputable durability has made many sofas have been adapted, simply by changing the color of the original upholstery, by a softer and varying material, by another more versatile, such as skin or fabric, which is fresher and more modern. Without a doubt, the Chesterfield sofas of the 50s are still valid and will be for a long time, because whatever the time, never go out of style.