It does not matter if it was in a recognized television program, movie, series or even in real life that you managed to see this wonderful style of furniture large, thick and robust, but that denotes elegance and glamor, with its low back and its back and arms at the same height and without highlighting the gigantic buttons that give it a deep shape that is even more attractive, if you've seen one of them, you've seen a Chesterfield furniture design, the Chesterfield furniture is not a brand but a style of furniture that over the years have remained in the market, because they inspire, at present, a vintage touch, but elegant and subtle that certainly does not go unnoticed.

This style of furniture with its discreet, elegant and classic design inspire you to sit and enjoy a good read or a good coffee, but how is it possible that such an old furniture remains so intact always, it is evident that everything goes in the process of elaboration of the same, this style of furniture involves a 100% handmade process that only some experts or qualified teachers manage to make it a perfect way. Everything begins in the process of skin selection, an original Chesterfield is made of high quality leather, which is treated and tanned to last for many years and even centuries, the frame or skeleton of this style of furniture is made of wood, regardless of Whether it is an armchair, a sofa or an armchair, which are treated by hand with special wood and are unified in a traditional way, the creation of a Chesterfield furniture style involves a work of handwork of excellent quality. What makes the furniture so hard and support the weight of anyone who sits on it, are the springs in the back and in the part of the seat; Once all these steps have been obtained, the furniture is then covered with the selected and treated high quality leather, which together with the gigantic buttons give it the characteristic shape that any Chesterfield furniture design contains, the cushions of the sofa are lined with the same skin that has been used to cover the furniture, everything is measured to fit perfectly.

The process of making a Chesterfield furniture is an arduous work that takes a long time, these relics is also a tradition that has passed from parents to children for hundreds of years, this style of furniture that represents an aristocratic past is a unique piece invaluable that if you have it in your hands it is better to keep it, it does not matter if it looks disheveled and harmful, you can renew it and in a matter of seconds you will get a new furniture of high quality that will give a lot of personality to the space where it is. The design of a Chesterfield furniture is an invaluable work that generates a unique piece, everything is planned to be perfect and to remain that way for a long time, that is, if you are going to acquire a Chesterfield furniture design, you are acquiring furniture with a guaranteed high quality of life, this style of furniture is very elegant, glamorous and versatile when it comes to adapting, giving it a chance is not too much.