Over the years, it has always been an icon to visualize a Chesterfield-style furniture in a traditional space, this iconic piece of furniture and characteristic of an aristocratic past was designed at the beginning of the 19th century, with a single purpose and was an ergonomic purpose, since for that It was a very bad time to see how gentlemen dressed in labels sat curled up and dragged in any chair, that's why the Chesterfield furniture was born, a unique and incomparable piece of furniture that at that time was nothing more than an uncomfortable, thick armchair. robust, many hated it because of the boredom of the form and the image of the furniture, but it was not until they started using it in exclusive social clubs, where they only admitted the entrance of men, and in the halls of the British houses of the high society, it was until then that the whole society began to see the style of Chesterfield furniture very attractive, as it represented high social status.

From that decade they began to design several Chesterfield Sofas styles, of course none lost the essence of being thick and robust furniture where the back and arms were at an equal height so as to provide an erect form, without forgetting the gigantic buttons thick that gave it a deep shape and gave an exquisite vision to society.

One of the styles Chesterfield Sofa is the Bolton style, this style goes from being a large and long sofa for several people to an individual armchair that is characterized by its coating in leather or brown fabric, although the buttons are large and brown. that give the furniture a deep and elegant shape, this Bolton style can also be achieved in the smooth lining, without any doubt it gives an elegant and exquisite touch to any space, this individual armchair consists of a glamor that transmits strength to the environment.

This type of furniture in any of its presentations generates a powerful personality to any space that is ambient with the use of any of them, Chesterfield furniture has always given that to speak from its origins until now, have been used in series, films and recognized programs that only bring you more and more attraction. The diversity that this style of furniture presents is indisputable, although the original and classic Chesterfield is in brown leather covering, nobody can prohibit the upholstery in the fabric and color that you want, because no matter which coating you confess, the The essence of the furniture will not be lost, there are many designers and decorators who opt for this piece in trend and upholster it in other fabrics to transform it into a softer, one of the most used fabrics has been the velvet that is always fashionable or the cotton for a more current style.

Chesterfield furniture is not a brand, it is a unique and exclusive style that denotes elegance and glamor in any space. There are several designs that identify the Chesterfield furniture one of the most classic and traditional has been the Bolton with its brown leather lining that demand recognizable originality that transcends time and fashion without going unnoticed, if you are thinking about giving personality to a traditional environment, a furniture style Chesterfield Bolton is without a doubt the best option, brings glamor, passion, elegance, if It gives a strong personality to any space.