With many stories flitting around about the real origin of a Chesterfield furniture style, the most true turns out to be the one that goes back to the beginning of the 19th century, where the 4th Earl of Chesterfield says to design a style of furniture capable of maintaining an upright posture to anyone who feels in it, because for the Count to see the men dressed in etiquette but sitting hunched and dragged in the armchairs he was displeased, at the beginning of these stories everyone saw the furniture as a very boring and uncomfortable, because it was a thick and sturdy piece of furniture that forced you to sit up straight, it was not until the following decades that the furniture became popular as it was part of the exclusive and elitist social clubs where only men were allowed in, and After that the furniture became part of the salons of the British houses of the families of the high social class.

This was how the furniture had an impact on society and it transcended with time, because for that time having a Chesterfield furniture in your home showed that you were part of a great social status, thus acquiring elegance and respect for all, obviously there were many people who wanted to have a Chesterfield, but the most attractive of this furniture is that really the design and the way they were made if they were really good and fashionable, so I went from being a piece of furniture that only showed social statutes, to one that It showed trend and elegance.

The Chesterfield is a style of furniture with more than 200 years of experience, it is important to emphasize that Chesterfield is not a brand but a style and that this unique piece with aristocratic past should not be manufactured exactly in England to be an original Chesterfield, the Chesterfield original is characterized by its process of creation 100% handmade where quality skin is selected that is treated and tanned by hand, to cover the furniture and cushions, the frame or skeleton of the furniture is made of special wood that is also treated by hand and the hardness and rigidity that is conferred on the furniture is given by the springs that are applied to the backrest.

The Chesterfield does not guarantee that they are original, the originals are noticed by the pieces used in the manufacture of the furniture, it can be noticed when the furniture is not original when sitting for a while on it, the use of cheap leather will give a false aspect easily recognized. Chesterfield furniture is a relic and making them is not easy, it involves an artisanal process of arduous work where the work of hand is quite expensive, but it guarantees quality furniture that will last a long time from years to centuries, get direct furniture of Chesterfield is not easy work, it would take the help of experts to be able to determine more easily if they are really original or if they are false. Acquiring a piece of f Chesterfield furniture may be the best investment of many since you would be acquiring high quality furniture with aristocratic past that the only thing that will guarantee you is a good piece of furniture for the rest of your life. .