The furniture Chesterfield style has been an iconic icon of the English classic style, an icon that represents the quality upholstery, originally covered in leather, but you can also get versions on fabrics, a sample of quality in fashion. This undisputed icon of traditional upholstery brings an incredible story to tell. Everything goes back to the nineteenth century, where the leading role is taken by the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, a British diplomatic statesman Philip Dormer Stanhope. Who demanded a robust and hard chair expressly, with the arms and backrest at the same height so that their employees could sit correctly, since this represented the image of men dressed in labels, while those bent slipping of little by the back was very bad taste.

One of the requests made by Mr. Stanhope for the preparation of his chair was that it was covered in a way that showed a hard and robust body, which many of his employees refuted him because they associated the chair with discomfort. After that the count Mr. Stanhope passed away and one of his last legacies was that they gave him a chair to Mr. Dayrolles, who was a great young diplomat who was very interested in his godfather and benefactor, so no matter how uncomfortable he looked chair, they made use of the last legacy of Mr. Stanhope and they gave Mr. Dayrolles the armchair.

Once the chair in the hands of Mr. Dayrolles, it was he who managed to see with great admiration the masterpiece that the Count had designed, a magnificent armchair upholstered in brown leather with details of large and brown buttons that offered a deep form, which gave it an even more attractive appearance. It was through the surroundings and close to Mr. Dayrolles, that the chair became a great object where everyone found an attraction, the happy armchair became part of the design of the exclusive and elite London social clubs where only the entrance to the men, after them, the timeless chesterfield sofa furniture was used to decorate the halls of the British houses of the high society, it was here where many wanted one of this furniture because if one had it, it meant that this person represented a high social status, which at that time gave much to talk about.

These furniture icons have been a relic with a lot of history, nowadays many people go unnoticed this icon of the old tapestry, however Chesterfield Sofas furniture has been a great creation, beyond being very sophisticated and representing the high society of the centuries past, we cannot forget the fact that they were created to improve the position of people, since in the time before it was very bad taste to see men of etiquette slipping on the backs of furniture. From now on, you cannot forget how good a good posture looks to others, and certainly you cannot miss the Chesterfield furniture, which perhaps does not fulfill a current fashion at all, but it is undoubted the fact that these have been a great and sophisticated icon of old fashion representative of high society.