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Chesterfield Club Chair With Footstool Shelly Leather

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Idolised by young and old, the iconic Chesterfield is the flag bearer for classic handcrafted furniture and a customer favourite.

The Classic Chesterfield has a unique low back, deep button arms and back which is complimented with a buttoned front border.

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Handmade to order & delivered in approximately 3-4 weeks

Chesterfield Club Chair With Footstool Shelly Leather

The Classic Chesterfield has a unique low back, deep button arms and back which is complimented with a buttoned front border.

This sofa has perfectly proportioned arms along with the comfort of a cushioned seat or an attractive buttoned seat. This tradition piece is made to suit your room with our varied collection of leathers and fabrics, meaning there is something for everyone. Its design has hardly changed in over 100 years.

This undoubtable winner is embossed with stunning individual studs of your choice and bun feet. This sofa transcends fashions like no other; the very definition of timeless and the reason why it’s easily our best-selling style.


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  • Shelly Winter White
  • Shelly Wood Burner
  • 10 Year guarantee of quality

    British Chesterfield Sofas confides with the closed eyes in the quality that presents our articles, so that the frames also supplied by us, Chesterfield, have defective manufacturing guarantee for up to ten years starting from the date of purchase and obtaining. Do not forget that with any purchase of another piece, the warranty lasts up to two years. .. Read More.

    28 day money back guarantee

    If the customer ever becomes unhappy with your Chesterfield product, such as your sofa or any other type of furniture, it will be at your convenience that it covers up to twenty-eight days after purchase to take advantage of this warranty. Therefore for orders, will be collected and will be returned due to money if you meet the minimum requirements indicated. Where it cannot be included, some custom made order specifies.. Read More

    Delivery in the UK (mainland)

    For shipments to a destination within the territory, Chesterfield has its faithfulally Furniture Ltd, the best team in terms of transport.

    In addition to this, Chesterfield has additional staff that will be responsible for the placement of furniture in the exact place where the client wants it placed inside your home, office or business. Once checked everything and sure that the result was the expected, only the farewell remains.

    Other charges for the delivery service may be up to thirty-five pounds sterling for continental United Kingdom orders that are under four hundred pounds sterling and up to sixty-nine pounds sterling for any order in the United Kingdom in excess of four hundred pounds sterling.

    The client should know that certain more remote locations may have a higher cost or different processes. If more information is required, contact the Chesterfield team.

    Will my new furniture fit?

    First of all, the place must have a good door or an opening where the piece of furniture can have access to the area where it will be placed. If the client considers the fact that the furniture passes comfortably doubtful, there are many options to be sure that the piece enters without a problem. The staff of our team can get to visit the area to study it or talk any other way to solve it.

    Manufacturing Timescales

    The artisan staff in our company is extremely professional and agile; however, it can take a certain amount of time because it takes some work to create furniture from scratch. If it is true that the deadline for the delivery of the article is between a month and a month with two weeks, this is notified to the customer once the order is placed and the purchase is made.

    If the buyer requires an extra effort from our team due to some urgency in the order, regardless of the reason, contact us and we will get to work.

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